Our attorneys regularly represent clients in litigious and non-litigious and in administrative procedures. We endeavour to settle legal disputes in an amicable manner, but certainly assist clients throughout the enforcement of their claims if this does not bring success. The practice of Gerey & Partners extends to the provision of legal representation in various fields of dispute resolution: amongst others, we assist our clients through the assertion of property, damage, intellectual property claims and privacy rights. Our litigation practice extends also to representation in competition and labour affairs, and we are active in disputes involving landlord and tenant, financial services, tax and contract disputes. We often assist clients in debt collection procedures and have significant expertise in advising clients as creditors throughout insolvency procedures. We have represented our clients before the main Hungarian courts, the European Court of Justice and before prominent Hungarian and international authorities, like the Hungarian Competition Authority, the National Tax Authority, the Central Bank of Hungary, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, the EUIPO and the WIPO, the Labour Supervisory Authority, the National Food Chain Safety Authority, the National Immigration Office and the police, etc.


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