Gerey & Partners is a business law firm focused in Hungary, founded in 1998 by Dr Ágoston Gerey and a team of commercial and corporate lawyers, each member having numerous years of experience from international law firms and law firms working with clients with multinational background. Our attorneys give legal advice first of all in the areas of business law, especially in commercial law, corporate and M&A matters, employment law, data protection, litigation and competition law. The firm is in its growing period based on the steady client base and continuous new client acquisitions. Besides Hungarian, our team is able to serve clients in English, French and Italian.

We advise clients in all areas of business law, and have developed particular expertise in the areas of corporate, M&A, real estate transactions, restructuring and insolvency, employment law, data protection, capital markets, finance and banking law, insurance law, intellectual property and litigation and taxation. Our lawyers provide sophisticated solutions and commercially sound advice about the issues that businesses face in today’s complicated legal regulatory environment. With numerous players from the economic and business world we are led to work with and handle different transactions in various different fields. Being part of the setting-up and developing in Hungary companies of all origins, among which a lot of French and Anglo-Saxon companies of course, and working to develop such a geographical area that has evolved greatly during the last 20 years is a highly enriching experience and a permanent challenge for us.

Our team comprises of experienced lawyers who have worked several years for prestigious international law firms and financial institutions, where they gained their solid legal expertise and knowledge enabling them to provide clients with high level legal services. We are proud of working together with a professional, enthusiastic and experienced team of attorneys at law, attorney candidates and trainees, who are able to serve clients in English, French and Hungarian.The firm offers some of the most respected specialists in each of the various sectors of national and international finance and business law. Our team of lawyers have a solid a knowledge of the region, helping us to pursue our professional activities in Hungary along the lines of what has already been achieved up until now, while breathing new life into our firm at the same time. We benefit from the presence of French, English and German-speaking lawyers trained in Anglo-American, French and other West-European universities. The team is also increasing with hires of new colleagues.

Our clients are affiliates of multinational corporations and prosperous local companies, including financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors and service providers. We aim to keep a strong relationship with our clients and provide advice in the daily routine legal questions arising in the various fields of commercial activity as well as during transactions. We believe that a client’s business is best understood and protected when the attorney-client relationship is close, based on trust and when that relationship covers various aspects of the client’s business. We carry out our legal assignments in close consultation with our clients’ designated representatives, are keen to preserve the links that have been forged with our clients, and, therefore, we trust that we always accomplish our advisory tasks to our clients’ satisfaction in accordance with high level professional standards.


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